Fire Hydrant Texture

I have been working towards giving the fire hydrant  a texture to make it seem more realistic whilst still mixing in within the world we are creating. Considering that this would consist of a monochromatic colour scheme I decided against unwrapping it and using manually painted textures as it wouldn’t look as good as using some shaders would and would waste time when other models needed to be made as well.

Instead I looked into other shaders that I haven’t used before and I came across the ramp shader which allows me to pick a range of colours that it will gradient between depending on the lighting of the area. I turned the interpolation to none so that it will match the simple colour schemes of low poly.

For this I looked into colour theory and decided on using a monochromatic red colour scheme to create the shaded feeling.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall I am quite happy with this texture however I feel like the dark colour I picked on the shader is a little bit too dark so to improve on that I need to lighten up that however I feel like the rest of the models shaders look quite good.


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