Essay planning

For my essay I will be writing about the future of gaming on mobile platforms, for this I have been researching about the Nintendo switch and in particular the hd rumble on it.

This uses haptic feedback to make a very realistic vibration per action. This same technology is used in mobile phones to make it more obvious when you are inputting to it.

It’s also used to train the muscle memory of athletes to be able to perform properly. I will look further into this for the full essay and see what else haptic feedback can do.


Story Boards: Establishing Shots

An establishing shot is a shot at the beginning or close to the beginning of a scene that helps to set the scene by establishing where the characters are and give you as the viewer a good sense of location and scale.

Image result for deadpool comics establishing shot

This page from the Deadpool comic does a great job at establishing the scene, it starts with viewing a poster of a movie that establishes the following joke against the DC movie universe which does a good job of setting a tone for the comic as it makes a basic idea of what the comics overall tone will be.

It also does a good job of establishing what the characters were doing by showing a movie poster and making one of the characters hold a bucket of popcorn to establish that they had been watching a film.

It also shows how the characters interact by referencing things in real life. Overall this is a good example of an establishing shot within a comic I personally like and I’ll try to make something like this myself in the future.

Lily’s art

In the coming months my sister in law will be giving birth to a little girl that they’ll be naming Lily so to help then celebrate I have decided to make them some art of a lilly flower for them to keep later in life.

I am quite proud of my basic sketch as it accurately looks like the flower that I wanted it to. I also had the idea of having the stem being Lily’s name however this flowers stem is quite thin and I’m not sure how well that will fit into the art however I will look into that at a later date.

I still have a lot to work on with this such as digitally lining it using Sai and coloring it as well as the background for it.

This is also meant to be a secret project so I’m being hopeful that neither my brother or my sister in law comes across this while I work on it.

Walk Cycle

I have been working towards making a basic walking cycle on a pre-existing rig for the main purpose of getting used to making something in that area.

My main goal of this isn’t to make some walk cycle that can be used later but to instead see the trials and struggles of making a convincing walk

I used a rig called moom recommended by a teacher at the college and quickly  realized that this animation would be a challenge,I have never made a walk cycle before  and it was obvious early on that it would be no easy task for me to complete.

I did eventually make this after working at it for months to get anything that I could be proud of and that I could show off and I feel quite proud of what I’ve made as a early iteration of it.

I feel like I have made a good basic animation that starts and stops in the same location so it would be able to use as a constant cycle however the hands appear to have a point where they ceize to move for a moment so to improve on that I could make the hands move for a moment longer for a fluid movement or have them slow to a stop. To improve even further I could look into making my own rig and animating that so I can use it in my work in the future.

Normal Map Baking

Today in lesson I looked into creating a normal map for a sci-fi crate that I have been working on to make it seem high poly whilst still being quite low poly and not very intensive on the engine.


I started with this crate, I unwrapped it using Mayas automatic unwrapper.


I then made a duplicate of the crate and added some detail to it to make it more high poly and to test normal maps out.

I used layers for this which is something I am not used to however for this I had to so I made both of the boxes their own layer so that they could be made invisible easily at the press of a button.

I then lined them up and changed Mayas mode to rendering and shading and selected transfer maps in that list of options.3.PNG

I was presented with this which allowed me to put in options for it.

I started by adding the high poly version to the source meshes and selecting the normal output maps and selecting the output place. I then selected the quality under maya common output and set it off to bake the normal map.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can see here my renders ended up looking quite good however I feel like on my normal map version it is quite obvious that it is flat so in the future I need to look into alternatives to use for this to see if it is possible to bake out a better normal map than this.

Faces project

Recently we have been working towards making a mood board of faces to show different emotions and different angles of faces.

I took inspiration from graphic novels with how they are drawn and shaded as I grew up reading graphic novels from marvel so I decided to do my best to mimic that arts style.

faces project.png

This has been drawn using a couple of different methods, the first 4 were done entirely in photoshop however the last 3 were hand drawn and lined using sai however they will be shaded in photoshop to match that same graphic novel type of shading.

Overall I am quite proud of these drawings as they are clear and the shading looks good. The lines also look good and intended so overall I have a reason to be proud of this however I could improve on this by drawing the rest of the bodies or by colouring the drawings and shade them with colour as well.

Fire Hydrant Texture

I have been working towards giving the fire hydrant  a texture to make it seem more realistic whilst still mixing in within the world we are creating. Considering that this would consist of a monochromatic colour scheme I decided against unwrapping it and using manually painted textures as it wouldn’t look as good as using some shaders would and would waste time when other models needed to be made as well.

Instead I looked into other shaders that I haven’t used before and I came across the ramp shader which allows me to pick a range of colours that it will gradient between depending on the lighting of the area. I turned the interpolation to none so that it will match the simple colour schemes of low poly.

For this I looked into colour theory and decided on using a monochromatic red colour scheme to create the shaded feeling.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall I am quite happy with this texture however I feel like the dark colour I picked on the shader is a little bit too dark so to improve on that I need to lighten up that however I feel like the rest of the models shaders look quite good.

Animation update- bubbles and batch rendering

Today in lesson we were taught about batch renders which are renders that you make when you are happy with an animation. This allows an alpha channel so backgrounds can be edited into it later on and it will be produced at 1080p for the best quality possible.

This is where my animation is right now. Since last week I have mainly been doing smoothing out of my animation. Now the fish eases in and out of the frame to make the movements more natural and I have messed with how fast the fish moves at times to make the animation smoother. Towards the end I worked on bubble effects and animated them to appear at the end to have something that shows me within the animation.

To improve on this animation in the future I think I’m going to work on the ending by making the bubbles appear slightly apart from each other and make them animated so that they can look more realistic and be better for the audience.

Global Game Jam 2017

I have recently taken part in the global game jam which is the worlds biggest game jam. To do this I came into the college on the weekend and worked with a group to pull together a game over the 48 hour window. I made a game which I called the current, the link for which can be found following:

Originally we planned on making a walking simulator with a jumping puzzle combined in with it however when I was making a script to make the player pick up an object I accidentally made the block kinetic when the player dropped it which led to an interesting mechanic where the player could place their own platforms and use them to traverse the level however after a couple of seconds the block would drop leading to the player feeling rushed to move quickly and making it easy to take the block away from the player as it would most likely be lost after the first jump.

Another mechanic I made was a working tide. This was made by the height of unity’s water being determined by a sine graph over time. This adds a challenge of certain platforms not being around for the whole time as some of them are swallowed over time making it impossible to jump to.

Overall I enjoy this game and I am quite proud of it in general however overtime I am gonna develop it into something more making it more  player friendly with a larger island to explore.

Fish animation playblast

I have recently been working towards animating my fish to match my story board (which you can see the development of here For this I used animation blocking. This is a progress that involves using basic animation to put together the basic concept for what the animation will be. I changed the settings in maya so that it wouldn’t fill in the animation so the fish goes point to point to show off what I want the animation to become.

This is the first block animation for my fish. It isn’t finished so my next goal is to finish this animation so that I can refine it.

Overall I think that I have made a good start on my project and look forward to improving it.