Lily’s art

In the coming months my sister in law will be giving birth to a little girl that they’ll be naming Lily so to help then celebrate I have decided to make them some art of a lilly flower for them to keep later in life.

I am quite proud of my basic sketch as it accurately looks like the flower that I wanted it to. I also had the idea of having the stem being Lily’s name however this flowers stem is quite thin and I’m not sure how well that will fit into the art however I will look into that at a later date.

I still have a lot to work on with this such as digitally lining it using Sai and coloring it as well as the background for it.

This is also meant to be a secret project so I’m being hopeful that neither my brother or my sister in law comes across this while I work on it.

Walk Cycle

I have been working towards making a basic walking cycle on a pre-existing rig for the main purpose of getting used to making something in that area.

My main goal of this isn’t to make some walk cycle that can be used later but to instead see the trials and struggles of making a convincing walk

I used a rig called moom recommended by a teacher at the college and quickly  realized that this animation would be a challenge,I have never made a walk cycle before  and it was obvious early on that it would be no easy task for me to complete.

I did eventually make this after working at it for months to get anything that I could be proud of and that I could show off and I feel quite proud of what I’ve made as a early iteration of it.

I feel like I have made a good basic animation that starts and stops in the same location so it would be able to use as a constant cycle however the hands appear to have a point where they ceize to move for a moment so to improve on that I could make the hands move for a moment longer for a fluid movement or have them slow to a stop. To improve even further I could look into making my own rig and animating that so I can use it in my work in the future.

Old TV

For my portfolio I am going to have a world that will display videos that I have made such as VFX changes, animations and anything else I find appropriate for it. For this I am going to make a small room based off a poor household with an old television.  This TV will play the appropriate videos on loop so people can come to see it and evaluate my work.

Display preset.png

I am quite proud of how this looks and it is quite well modeled so it should be easy to texture when I come round to it.

To improve I need to texture this so that its ready to put into a game for use in the portfolio.

Dwarfen Steampunk

In lesson we have been working down the modelling pipeline to make a scene in teams of 8 and my team chose dwarfen steampunk as our theme and I decided that I would make the typical hat and goggles that have become a staple in steampunk settings.


I started off by making these designs that would outline how I would make this model from different angles as well as making clear which part of the model would be in the low poly version and what would be added for the high poly version of it.


I am quite proud of how this is turning out as it is looking better than the artwork for it looked however I need to finish the strap on the goggles to make this model complete. I have also colour coded parts of this  to make unwrapping and texturing this easier in the future as each colour represents a different material. Red is metal, green is plastic, blue is metal and pink is fabric however on the right goggle the green doesn’t seem to be appearing in renders which is unfortunate.

Overall I am quite proud of my progress on this however I need to keep on working on it to improve it further into a complete model.

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Evolution of Game Design: Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom hearts is a large series that currently consists of 4 games, 3 animations, a mobile game and a Japanese exclusive MMORPG. The kingdom hearts franchise is an uncanny mix of final fantasy and disney which would normally seem weird and achievable however square enix managed to pull it off to a large success. I will be looking at the limitations of the second entry in the franchise Chain of Memories for gameboy advanced the  and comparing it to kingdom hearts 2 for the PS2 whilst completely ignoring the remake RE:Chain of memories and how that ruins the game.

Chain of Memories features rather different gameplay as the gameboy couldn’t handle the hack and slash gameplay in the same way that the PS2 could so chain of memories gameplay was quite different.

Image result for chain of memories

Like normal this game looks really good for the console it came out for as you can see by these amazingly well made sprites for the characters.

Chain of Memories starts immediately after the original kingdom hearts as Sora enters Castle Oblivion which is the setting for the rest of the game and meets one of the antagonists of the game Marluxia who introduces the game play mechanic to the player. Due to the hardware limitations of the gameboy, Chain of Memories instead has a trading card game mechanic where you build a deck using cards you find in the world and if you find a moogle card you can make a room that serves as a shop to get more cards for your deck in it.

Kingdom hearts 2 on the other hand features fast paced combat with different combat styles and a myriad of different worlds and a difficult mini-game you have to play to go in between each of those worlds. The gameplay is rather fast paced with a need behind micro managing HP and MP during combat in order to stay alive. There is even Drive forms within the game that change how the character controls and by leveling these Drive Forms up you can get some abilities such as high jump and dodge roll.

These games both expertly use the hardware limitations given to make classic games that bring up great memories for lots of people and even to this day Square Enix make more and more games that test the limitations of hardware and bring the most out of them.

Keyblade Textured

After some breaking of the maya system and a lot of frustration I had to remake a large part of the keyblade. This was due to me not being careful about the geometry of it as it had a lot of faces inside of itself which made a lot of faces disappear and repairing it would have been impossible so I had to rebuild the blade above the handle which took some time. I am also working towards making  look more like the official kingdom key from the games so I am working on making a keychain so I have put a shape on the bottom of the blade ready for this.


Overall I am quite proud of this and how it looks so far as it looks rather similar to how the keyblade looks in the game. To improve on this I am going to make it clear that it is my keyblade by making a keychain with my initial on it. I also might make an alternate texture for it that would more match what King Mickey uses in the games with a gold blade and silver handle instead but overall this looks good for now so I am quite happy with it for now and I will continue to work on it to make it better in the future as well.

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Arcade Machine

For my portfolio I decided that I am going to be making a small game that will contain all of my work from the course. For this I decided to make a hub world not unlike the games I used to really enjoy in my childhood. I decided to make the hub world an arcade with many machines around  that the player could click on to see the pieces of work that I have made so far.renders.png

For this I started by making the arcade machine that will have some separate textures that can be used to define which area is which.

I quite like the model I have made for this as it looks quite similar to the reference photo’s that I used when I was making this. Overall I am quite proud of this and I am quite excited to texture it which is something that I will take one bit at a time so it can be edited for different areas.

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Keyblade Model

I am quite a big fan of the Kingdom Hearts franchise and with the release of the PS4 version of the games I have been happily reliving that same childhood magic that Kingdom Hearts made for me and due to this I decided that I was going to make the kingdom key which is the first keyblade that you get in the game.

Whilst it isn’t the most interesting keyblade in either design or stats however it does keep its position in being the most recognizable keyblade as it appears in most of the games and it features in almost all of the artwork for the games.

Renders 1.png

This is the model that I have made to try to match the keyblade as closely as possible. I am quite proud of this as it looks quite similar to the one that can be seen in the games. I have left some parts of it out such as the key chain at the bottom of the blade so if I were going to change this model I would add the key chain however I think that I won’t change the model around but I’ll instead just texture the model to make it look similar to the games version of it.

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Low Poly Environment Finished Product

Me and my team have now finished our tile for Washington Mind to some success, each member of my team put in a lot of work towards the final tile and I am quite proud of the final product.

Island Renders.png

Like I said before I am really proud of this final product as a lot of effort and planning went into it and due to that it ended up looking amazing. To improve on my contribution to the group I could’ve shown more confidence in my abilities as a modeler and made bigger items as all of the parts that I made for this tile are quite small and quite hard to see if you aren’t specifically looking for those.

Now I need to work with a much smaller team of people to complete the programming portion of the game using all of the tiles that other teams have made which I’m looking forward to as it can make quite an interesting final product.

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Normal, Displacement and Bump maps

The different types of Bump maps all have the same basic function of manipulating a model to make it seem as if it has some extra level of detail to it by changing how the light interacts with and bounces off the surface to make creases in the model that would be irrational to model on normally.

Bump Maps:

Bump maps tend to be grayscale images which are limited to 8-bits of color information. They basically work by defining the brightness of the image and using that to create bumps. The darker the colour of the bump map the further the indent appears on the object.

Image result for bump map

Normal Maps:

A normal map uses  a RGB colour scheme that directly relates to X, Y and Z in 3D space. A tangent normal map is made up mostly of purples and blues and works best for models that need to deform  in animation. For objects that don’t deform  an Object Space normal map is better. This type uses many different colours unlike the tangent normal map.

Image result for normal map

Displacement Maps:

Displacement maps physically display the object in the way that the map asks for. Like a bump map, a displacement map is also made in greyscale however it can be 16 bit or 32 bit granting it a greater range of colours to make more detailed maps.

Image result for displacement map