C&T submission

Overall I am happy with this product as we started it with an art style in mind and I feel like I have successfully hit that art style. The post Processing we use also helped  as it made the shadows look nicer as well as color correct to have everything look as good as each other. Technically, I ran into some problems throughout making this such as the substance file I initially used for this had been corrupted in saving however thankfully I had plenty of time to remake the textures so it wasn’t a problem. There was also a problem with the normal map where the handles baked onto the cauldron which I think is a setting I missed within Substance when I baked it however you can’t see it thankfully.

I would probably think more about how it would be animated and how it would look after post processing as this was items I gave little thought to this time however thankfully it worked it but it may not work as nicely in the future. I also didn’t learn about Unity’s post processing effects until the middle of this project so that is something new I can test my objects through in the future.

C&T submission


Textured Cauldron

I have completely textured my model now and I’m quite proud of the final product as it looks quite nice both in substance and in unity. One thing I would do to improve this is have the UVs have more bevels in to make the model itself a lot smoother looking as it can be jarring to see, also currently in the scene you can see it fall into place which we will be covering up with a visual effect so it won’t be as distracting.


Cauldron Pre-Production

Whilst my pre-production documents are quite simple. This is all I need to be able to know the direction. In the top image I identified the model, the components that were apart of it and the materials I would use in it. since I drew this, we have added a green plane with an emission and particle effects to add to the feel of the cauldron which overall makes the model better.

On the bottom of this page I have described the ladle used in the model, whilst I modeled and textured it, it was animated by Matt from my group so I can’t take credit for that bit.

High Poly Cauldron Model

This is the high poly model for my cauldron. I have used bevels to make some edges look smoother to make the model look better. This will be used to make a normal map as well as a full texture for this model in substance painter so that it can be used in unity. I still need to texture this and create an effect to make it look like it is bubbling to finish this model.

Overall I quite like this model however to improve this I could have also beveled the handles so that the whole model looks smoother. I could have also smoothed out the edges so that the whole model looks smoother when normaled on.

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Cauldron Low Poly Model

This is the low poly model for my cauldron that I have made for my imagined worlds as well as my creative technical model. For our imagined world project we are looking for a low poly style so I think my start to this is pretty accurate to this style. I am proud of this model  as it fulfills the art style that we wanted to match for these models.

Moving forward, I will need to make a high poly model for this so I can normal it onto this model and then texture it in substance painter which will be in following posts. To improve I could make a realistic looking version to see how it looks compared to this version.

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Spell book model


Here is a model I have made for my imagined worlds project. I have made the basic shell for the book as well as a range of sizes for the pages so that someone in my group will be able to animate later on the project. The ranges of sizes will help this to be easier to animate as they can fill the animation with the smaller pages if they need to.

Overall, I am quite pleased with how this turned out however I could still improve this by making the book flat so that it is even easier to animate.

Trying Substance Painter

Today in class, I had my first attempt at using Substance Painter. Substance Painter is a useful tool that allows the user to paint directly onto a model or paint onto the UV’s directly. It is like a nice mix of Mudbox and Photoshop that makes texturing a model much easier. I took a premade model that I was given access to and tried to paint on top of it.Thing render.png

This is the result of of my experimentation here. I am quite proud of this final product as it looks quite nice, I think this will lead to me using this program more in the future. I like this program as it has plenty of particle effects for making random physics based patterns which makes creating a texture easier and makes the overall product look much better. I look forward to using this product more looking forward.


Old TV

For my portfolio I am going to have a world that will display videos that I have made such as VFX changes, animations and anything else I find appropriate for it. For this I am going to make a small room based off a poor household with an old television.  This TV will play the appropriate videos on loop so people can come to see it and evaluate my work.

Display preset.png

I am quite proud of how this looks and it is quite well modeled so it should be easy to texture when I come round to it.

To improve I need to texture this so that its ready to put into a game for use in the portfolio.

Dwarfen Steampunk

In lesson we have been working down the modelling pipeline to make a scene in teams of 8 and my team chose dwarfen steampunk as our theme and I decided that I would make the typical hat and goggles that have become a staple in steampunk settings.


I started off by making these designs that would outline how I would make this model from different angles as well as making clear which part of the model would be in the low poly version and what would be added for the high poly version of it.


I am quite proud of how this is turning out as it is looking better than the artwork for it looked however I need to finish the strap on the goggles to make this model complete. I have also colour coded parts of this  to make unwrapping and texturing this easier in the future as each colour represents a different material. Red is metal, green is plastic, blue is metal and pink is fabric however on the right goggle the green doesn’t seem to be appearing in renders which is unfortunate.

Overall I am quite proud of my progress on this however I need to keep on working on it to improve it further into a complete model.

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Keyblade Textured

After some breaking of the maya system and a lot of frustration I had to remake a large part of the keyblade. This was due to me not being careful about the geometry of it as it had a lot of faces inside of itself which made a lot of faces disappear and repairing it would have been impossible so I had to rebuild the blade above the handle which took some time. I am also working towards making  look more like the official kingdom key from the games so I am working on making a keychain so I have put a shape on the bottom of the blade ready for this.


Overall I am quite proud of this and how it looks so far as it looks rather similar to how the keyblade looks in the game. To improve on this I am going to make it clear that it is my keyblade by making a keychain with my initial on it. I also might make an alternate texture for it that would more match what King Mickey uses in the games with a gold blade and silver handle instead but overall this looks good for now so I am quite happy with it for now and I will continue to work on it to make it better in the future as well.

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