Walk Cycle

I have been working towards making a basic walking cycle on a pre-existing rig for the main purpose of getting used to making something in that area.

My main goal of this isn’t to make some walk cycle that can be used later but to instead see the trials and struggles of making a convincing walk

I used a rig called moom recommended by a teacher at the college and quickly  realized that this animation would be a challenge,I have never made a walk cycle before  and it was obvious early on that it would be no easy task for me to complete.

I did eventually make this after working at it for months to get anything that I could be proud of and that I could show off and I feel quite proud of what I’ve made as a early iteration of it.

I feel like I have made a good basic animation that starts and stops in the same location so it would be able to use as a constant cycle however the hands appear to have a point where they ceize to move for a moment so to improve on that I could make the hands move for a moment longer for a fluid movement or have them slow to a stop. To improve even further I could look into making my own rig and animating that so I can use it in my work in the future.


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