Keyblade Model

I am quite a big fan of the Kingdom Hearts franchise and with the release of the PS4 version of the games I have been happily reliving that same childhood magic that Kingdom Hearts made for me and due to this I decided that I was going to make the kingdom key which is the first keyblade that you get in the game.

Whilst it isn’t the most interesting keyblade in either design or stats however it does keep its position in being the most recognizable keyblade as it appears in most of the games and it features in almost all of the artwork for the games.

Renders 1.png

This is the model that I have made to try to match the keyblade as closely as possible. I am quite proud of this as it looks quite similar to the one that can be seen in the games. I have left some parts of it out such as the key chain at the bottom of the blade so if I were going to change this model I would add the key chain however I think that I won’t change the model around but I’ll instead just texture the model to make it look similar to the games version of it.

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