Normal Map Baking

Today in lesson I looked into creating a normal map for a sci-fi crate that I have been working on to make it seem high poly whilst still being quite low poly and not very intensive on the engine.


I started with this crate, I unwrapped it using Mayas automatic unwrapper.


I then made a duplicate of the crate and added some detail to it to make it more high poly and to test normal maps out.

I used layers for this which is something I am not used to however for this I had to so I made both of the boxes their own layer so that they could be made invisible easily at the press of a button.

I then lined them up and changed Mayas mode to rendering and shading and selected transfer maps in that list of options.3.PNG

I was presented with this which allowed me to put in options for it.

I started by adding the high poly version to the source meshes and selecting the normal output maps and selecting the output place. I then selected the quality under maya common output and set it off to bake the normal map.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can see here my renders ended up looking quite good however I feel like on my normal map version it is quite obvious that it is flat so in the future I need to look into alternatives to use for this to see if it is possible to bake out a better normal map than this.


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