Under the skin effects

In VFX I have been working towards making an effect that would make it seem as if there was a light source underneath the skin as well as something moving under it to give a sort of sci-fi/horror concept behind it.

I started by making a new composition using the settings presented by the video I was doing and I went into the animation tab and selected track in Mocha AE and used mocha to track the movement of the video.

After I have the motion tracked I would make a new black solid and add a grid to it and place it at the top of the effects of it. I would also have  the tracking data on the black solid ready to use at a later time.

I then created a new black solid that I named noise  and added fractal noise to it and used the effect settings to make it look how I wanted. Following this I would use the pen tool to make mask around the face and I would use a feather to make it look more natural.

I then added veins on and set it to multiply and I precomposed all of the veins together to keep it organised. I also added a white solid at the bottom of the precomp.

On the main comp I set the noise to a luma matte and had it and the face visible.

I then precomposed the veins and the noise together and on it I created a black solid below it all. I set the mode to color dodge in the main comp and used curves to make the colour satisfactory for me.Face_01.gif

Overall I am quite proud of this as it looks quite good. To improve my skills in this I will try to do this with other areas of the body such as the eyes.


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