Fire Hydrant Model

Recently we have been working towards making a low poly environment to be used in a game later. We have been working in teams and my team has been working towards a city/urban environment.

This post is to show off one of my earliest contributions to the project however I have made a few contributions to the project already that will be refined and they will have blogs for them later.

Doing this I have learned some things about modelling such as how merging vertexes can  mess with some models and with the restriction of 1000 tri’s I have also learned to manage how much I am adding to a model. I have also learned how to make a wire frame render of an object which can help me to show off certain objects.

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This is a lit up version and a wire-frame version of it as well. This is a good way of showing off the model and I think this has worked quite nicely so far. To improve on this I will unwrap the model of the fire hydrant and I will give it a texture to compliment the art style but for now I am liking this  and how it is looking.

Having the low poly restriction was a bit different to normal as it forces you to have slightly less detail however I found it easier than normal as I wasn’t as tempted to constantly add to it so I had to make it look good with what I had which resulted in a nice looking model that is also quite stylized.


One thought on “Fire Hydrant Model

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