Ident animation

I have now finished my animation which I think looks quite nice. I like how the final product looks as it is quite close to my original plans. To finish off my animation I made sure that I was happy by making small tweaks to the movement to make it seem more realistic and I messed with that until I was happy with it then I made a batch render of it.

I then pulled this render into Premier to edit it. In there I made sure to add the background which is one I got from  google that didn’t have any copyright on it in order to make sure that I wasn’t breaking any laws by using that background I then made sure that it was behind my animation and that it lasted the whole animation. After this I made sure to render it out at 108oP at 24 frames a second.

I am quite happy with this animation as it looks quite nice so far however the background looks quite out of place as it stays still throughout the animation. To improve I might look into making this seem more alive when working towards making this better in the future.  I have also noticed that the bubbles at the end seem to disappear into the background as they are a very similar colour. In order to fix this I need to make the bubbles more obvious which I will have to mess with the hypershader to figure out exactly how to do that.

For the most part this animation worked out how I wanted it to with only a few areas to improve on, I will continue to work on this to try to improve on the areas that I have previously mentioned.


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