Vehicle design

Over the past few weeks I have been working towards making a custom vehicle that I can recreate in a 3D

I started off with the silhouette method which allowed me to come up with basic concepts that could be used later to create a full design. I ended up liking the first silhouette more than the others and wanted to draw it however realized a couple of problems with this. The first problem with this was that I was inexperienced with perspective drawings so my first goal was to learn how to create perspective drawings.

This was the website that I used to learn this. It has a bunch of tutorials that I followed so that I can slowly learn how to do this process. This took a few tries to get correct however eventually I did manage to get it.


This is the page I used to try to understand perspective, I found it pretty easy to understand using the assets on the website I have linked to previously, this helped to make a more realistic looking vehicle drawing.

Car scan.PNG

This is the drawing I made in perspective, this left me to take this drawing into my program of choice to make this into line art. For this I used sai paint tool as it is the program I’m most comfortable with using as it is fairly simple.Car scan sai line art.png

After pulling it into Sai and making some adjustments in the program, this is the result I got for my line art, I am quite happy with this and it makes it easy to colour as well. This line work was reasonably easy to make as Sai is quite nice about line work as there is a tool that makes a line that is completely editable. Next I worked towards colouring this which I have less experience with.

Car scan sai.png

After working with it for a few hours, I made this with the coloring which I think worked out quite nicely  as it has made a complete image that works quite nicely with each other and is quite visually pleasing. Next I used photoshop to do some editing on this image to make it similar to how other concepts are.


After doing some image editing I came out with this. I am quite proud of this and how it worked out as it looks quite nice and it also looks like its come out of  a car presentation which makes it look nice to me. I am quite proud of this however to improve in the future I will work towards being able to shade in Sai.


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