Sky Replacement

Today in after effects I worked towards taking some scenes and changing the sky in them and I have completed this to some success.

Picture 1.jpgsky replacement 1.PNG

This is the first sky replacement that I did. I quite like this as you can’t tell it has been added in in post for the most part, you can see here the comparison to the original and I think I have done a good job of replacing the sky. I took this skill and tried it with a more complicated image.

20170114_105655.jpgsky replacement 2.PNG

This is the second sky replacement that I did, I am quite fond of this one as it has quite a sci-fi feel to it with the purple sky with the planets easily visible in it. This makes it look very appealing however the image feels like its kinda been placed on and almost has a negative effect to it so I may need to spend more time on this to see what I can do with it.

To do this was quite easy, I would start by taking two of the same image and placing the sky image in between them. I would then add a linear wipe to the sky to remove part of it and then place the sky where I wanted it. I would use the feather tool to make this smoother as well. I would then add a color key to the top layer and use it to remove the colour of the original sky. This would make my sky be there in pace of it which would look alright however by adding a matte choke to the top layer I could remove some of the black lines.

sky replacement video original.gifsky replacement video after.gif

I decided to challenge myself by doing the same thing with a video instead. This didn’t prove to be too much of a problem. One of the first things I had to do was track the shot, which I used some of the chimneys of the houses in the distance to do, then add the tracking to a null object which became the parent of the sky layer and the rest of the steps worked out the same.

I like how this turned out and I look forward to doing more sky replacements like this in the future to try to improve on some of the areas that I struggle with.


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