Alex Pardee

Image result for Alex Pardee art

This is one of the drawings created by Alex Pardee which has the purpose of being a movie poster. I quite like a majority of the design as it has the theme of being made of candy as you can see from the colours used on the bow-tie and from the melting away from the character to represent how chocolate  melts. This can also be seen through the head being eaten into and the hair seemingly being made of cream. The area I don’t like on this poster are the eyes as they seem out of place and are quite distracting for me when I look at the art. I think that this was made using digital methods as the lines look quite clean as if they were made using illustrator and the colouring also looks digital on here. If I were to make an art piece similar to this then  I would probables use the dripping feel of the character to represent chocolate however I would probables do something different to represent edibleness such as a bite taken out of the side of the character rather than being eaten at the center.


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