Principles analysis – Mike’s New Car

This is the animation I will be analyzing. It is created by Pixar to be part of their Monsters inc world, it adds to each of the characters in Monsters inc.

To begin with both characters already appear to have appeal, they are interesting in their designs. There is a nice contrast between the characters that helps make each of them interesting for the audience.

We start the animation with Mike leading Sully outside to show him his new car. This is a nice example of staging as it shows you the set for the rest of the animation, which is in and around the car. The way Mike shows off the car is also quite exaggerated as is most of the actions throughout the short. You can also see in this interaction that each of the movements of the characters follow a clear arc to seem natural for the audience. Once in the car the appeal of the characters is shown, because of the clear size difference between the characters Sully is squished up against the roof of the car. This leads into the next important bit of the animation where Mike tells Sully that the seat is adjustable which them emphasis through Sully messing with it and going clearly too far than what the car would allow him to.

After being abruptly stopping Sully, Mike attempts to get his seat belt on which has anticipation for this action and is exaggerated when he falls out of the car when he fails to get it on. This leads into more exaggeration as when Sully goes to press “the button” as instructed by Mike it shows the dashboard of the car with too many buttons which he press one which opens the hood of the car instead of the door.

Overall I enjoy this animation and throughout the animation the principals are very clear.


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