Deco art styles in bioshock

Recently we have been looking at art deco which is a style used in a lot of classic architecture and is usually considered quite luxurious for people. The first two Bioshock games are inspired by this art style and it can be seen quite regularly throughout the games.

irrational games logo.PNGbuilding.PNG

You can see some of that deco art style in the irrational games logo, you can even see the resemblance to modern buildings within the shapes used in the logo. This shows what irrational games is about and the art style they closely follow within their games.

doorhinge.PNGwelcome to rapture.PNG

Here you can see similar designs in Bioshock to what can be found in real life items. You can tell by comparing scenes from Bioshock to real life items that the people at Irrational Games thought about the art style of their games and made their inspiration clear to the audience.

Capture.PNGa fucking chair.PNG

You can see in deco art styles that curves and shapes are important, these shapes are seen in Bioshock and proves that the people at irrational games think about this intensely and it shows through in their work.


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