Fish Animation Second Playblast

Today I started to work more towards making the animation more fluent and seem more realistic to the audience. I first looked into splining the animation in the graph editor which changes the animation from the block feel that had the last time I posted it to a more smooth point to point animation however this isn’t a very good animation as it is done entirely using mayas logic so it doesn’t look how I imagined it so I worked towards cleaning it up by adding keyframes. To start this I looked for a reference on youtube to work from which you can see following:

I used this to work towards learning how fish naturally move to try to implement it in my animation. Overall I spent quite a lot of time observing these fish to make my fish seem as natural as possible.

I’m quite proud of this animation so far as it looks good for the first part of the animation however the last part of it looks a bit weird and I could do some work on it by making the fish come to the center of the screen a lot smoother than it currently does and have it swimming away looking a lot better than it does at current as it doesn’t spin around how I would like it to.


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