Global Game Jam 2017

I have recently taken part in the global game jam which is the worlds biggest game jam. To do this I came into the college on the weekend and worked with a group to pull together a game over the 48 hour window. I made a game which I called the current, the link for which can be found following:

Originally we planned on making a walking simulator with a jumping puzzle combined in with it however when I was making a script to make the player pick up an object I accidentally made the block kinetic when the player dropped it which led to an interesting mechanic where the player could place their own platforms and use them to traverse the level however after a couple of seconds the block would drop leading to the player feeling rushed to move quickly and making it easy to take the block away from the player as it would most likely be lost after the first jump.

Another mechanic I made was a working tide. This was made by the height of unity’s water being determined by a sine graph over time. This adds a challenge of certain platforms not being around for the whole time as some of them are swallowed over time making it impossible to jump to.

Overall I enjoy this game and I am quite proud of it in general however overtime I am gonna develop it into something more making it more  player friendly with a larger island to explore.


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