Hierarchy in Maya

To go with my story boarding last week, I have created a model of a fish for the upcoming animation. In order to make sure that I will be able to animate this model I have made it into separate parts and even added a curve for control.Fish.PNG

This is what the model looks like. I am quite fond of this model as it looks almost exactly like the plans I had drawn. To improve this I could spend more time modeling it and thinking about where each are of the fish could bend to make separate models that will make the animation  seem more realistic and organic when people watch it. In the future I would like to recreate this animation except with a more realistic feel to it rather than the cartoon styling with origami basis.


I have set up my entire hierarchy to be based of the curve so that it can be used for moving the model. I am quite proud of this because with enough effort, this can be animated to feel like it is moving naturally. I am quite invested in making this animation presentable and professional looking and look forward to having the finishing product.


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