Ident planning.

Today in lessons I have started planning towards my ident animation and I have come to two different plans and I have developed one of those into a full plan with a story board for it with one of the assets modeled.

Plan 1: animated initials


My first idea was to animate my initials. My original idea was based around the letters interacting each other to show their own personalities and relation between them.

I had decided on the idea of them sleeping due to my sleeping patterns being  being notoriously bad as it matches how I normally oversleep so my friends make a joke at how I’m almost always sleeping. I decided this would show off my own personality whilst establishing a relationship between the characters.

Idea 2: Origami characters

Oragami drawing.png

My next idea came from when I saw some origami animals and I thought that i could create a quirky animation with.

The idea was that the fish could swim around the screen then turn to the camera to reveal that it is actually a flat object which I think would be quite quirky and would be a cool reveal for the animation. Then the fish could do something that would pull up bubbles that would reveal my name within them.


I decided to write a synopsis for the second idea since that’s the one that I decided to go through. It goes as follows:

The animation opens up on a scene of the ocean in the day time so the top will be significantly brighter than the bottom of the frame.

The viewer will be able to hear disturbed water from the left of the frame which will then reveal the origami fish coming in from the left and leaving the right side of the frame.

It returns a second later and swims to centre of frame, before facing the camera revealing that its flat before quickly leaving as if it has been scared leaving my name in the bubbles where it was.

Story boarding

Story Board 1.png

Story Board 2.png

I wrote these story boards to describe my plan with some visuals. I estimate that the animation is somewhere between 5-10 seconds and will stand as a strong, professional looking ident that could be placed on my portfolio.


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