Spiked Column Texturing

Today in lesson, we were given the task of making a texture by hand. Initially, this was a task I thought I would struggle with this task however as I found myself starting it and experimenting with Photoshop brushes I have made a reasonably good start on the texture.

Column_Spike_Texture.pngColour pillar.PNG

I was given these assets to work with. On the left you can see the UVs for the object that can be seen on the right, it was colour coded to be simple, pink was wood and green was metal. Our task was to make this into a texture that tells you the story of this object.


This is the progress i have made on it so far. I like the textures for the most part so far on the wood texture, to make this I messed with brushes a bit more than I have done in the past. The first thing I did was pick out a wood colour and used that to cover the wooden area, I then used a different brush type conservatively to create grain on the wood with a darker colour. I then created a blood texture using linear burn blending mode and the sponge tool to get the right feel for the texture.

I like this texture as it makes a nice story for the model as I imagine that it has been in a state of war leading to it to have blood splatters and burn marks on it, I think I achieved this appropriately as the model looks nice and as I intended.

To improve this I could try to experiment more with different brushes to get the grains in the wood correctly. I will also work to make the metal texture soon to see how i fair with that.


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