Room Modelling Project

Recently I have taken some picture of my living room and I have used them to create it in 3D space.

Final Render 2.png

Here is one of my renders. This shows off all of the models in the room. I am a fan of a lot of these models as I put a lot of work into them and most of them had a good turnout with the exception of the sofa.

The Sofa caused me some trouble as when I used the bevel tool on it I wasn’t careful enough and I ended up with a lot of faces that were hard to get a hold off and this made the UVs messy and caused a bad render. I know now that I should be more careful in using that tool as it can cause problems and in the future I will watch how I am using it more carefully in an attempt to improve it.

Overall, I am quite proud of how this room came out, it looks quite good and accurate the real thing. I am also quite proud of the lighting as it gives a calming atmospheric feel to it.

Fire place render 1.pngFire place render 2.png

I also had some trouble with this fireplace. I made some mistakes when modelling it and I ended up with some faces going inside the model which made unwrapping it difficult which was almost entire my fault which has shown me that I need to be more careful with faces when I am modelling in the future.

After unwrapping this, it ended up quite nice. I like how I made it look as similar to the real thing as I could and it looks good. I really like the wood texture I found and it came in useful as my living room has a lot of wooden objects in it so it was utilized a lot and made for a good home like feeling in the room render.

Coffee Table render 1.pngCoffee Table render 2.png

This the coffee table that I used for my room project. I like this model as it it simple yet it uses a lot of different tools.

To create this model i used a basic block and enlarged it to a large cuboid and then extruded the top to make a lip and beveled it to give a nice rounded shape. I think this looks really nice  and smooth and I definitely think that I’ll use the bevel tool like this more in the future when I make more models. I had then used the Boolean tool to attach feet to the model which I think worked out nicely as it looks like it would be complex however it was rather simple to make.

If I were to redo this model in the future I would like to spend more time in Photoshop for the texturing as I am still in experienced with the program so I feel like my textures are either simple (yet realistic) or very cartooney and feel quite fake.

Fan render 1.pngFan render 2.png

I am a very big fan of this model (pun intended). This is my favorite model in the room as it looks very smooth and the tools used to create this model are expertly done. This is modeled after a blade-less fan that can be found in my living room.

To create this model I first started with a cylinder which i extruded to be a straight cylinder with a lip on the bottom. I then used the Boolean tool to remove part of the top to give the base a rounded feel. I then took a hallow cylinder and stretched it out to create the fan part. I then used the bevel tool to give it more faces going around. I like how I have used these tools as it seems almost professional and makes for a nice looking model.

If I were to redo this model I would probables change the size of the fan as it seems quite tall and that makes it quite distracting.



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