Vehicle designs

Recently I have been working towards making vehicle designs for my college work. To make these initial designs I have collected silhouettes of other vehicles and decided to put elements of them together to make my own custom vehicle designs.Cars silhoettes.png

I eventually came up with these three designs which i really like. The first one is the most complicated of the three as it has components from a multitude of different vehicles as well as some additional work done on it through refining the bottom of it and color changing grayer looking areas to match the same shade of black that the rest of the vehicles.

I like the second vehicle as well as the bulky looking back of the vehicle mixed with the streamlined front end give the idea of a very powerful vehicle that could be used for getting through intense weather conditions which  make it seem a good emergency vehicle for a apocalyptic situation.

The last vehicle is my least favorite. The whole thing seems very bulky and too samey to how vehicles are in the present day although it does seem like a powerful vehicle capable of carrying a large amount of items over a further distance.

Overall, I am quite proud of these designs as they all look pretty good and each look to have their own purpose. To improve these designs I would add to the designs more with my own sketches as there is very little input from me other than the combination of the vehicles and I would like for some areas of the vehicles to be more custom so that they feel as though they are my own.


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