Lamp animation

Recently I have been working towards making an animation. The video you can see above is my first attempt at an animation. I don’t particularly like this animation as I struggled with the creation of it. I used a pre-made model for this and it came with different controllers for different areas on the lamp. I struggled with the movement of the lamp as it wasn’t something I had used in the past. If I were to attempt this again in the future, I would consider the principles of animation ( more when animating. I feel like if I were given another attempt at this I would make a smoother looking animation as I would watch animations online that are similar to what I wanted to achieve and I would also more closely follow the principles of animation as well as taking more time to get used to the character controller so that I can become more confident with moving the character.

Overall, I enjoyed making this animation and would like to work towards improving it for the future as it is a topic that I am interested in.


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