In VFX lessons I have been working towards tracking the movement of a camera and applying a logo towards it. First I got a pre-made logo of the school drive which I would then use to apply to these videos.


This is the logo I used to attach to buildings using tracking. Initially I used one point tracking to place the logo on a wall as part of a panning shot of a video.

You can see here the two videos that I made for testing point tracking. The first video was single point tracking, to do that I activated the tracking and selected a corner on the building and made sure that the tracking was attached to a null object. After the program finished the tracking I would add the logo and make it a child of the null object so that I could position them on the building and it will move with the pan of the camera. The second video is very similar except The camera is going towards a building so after effects how to adjust scale and rotation so I had to use two point tracking which works very similarly to the previous method however I had to place a second point so the program knew how to trace it.

I am not a big fan of after effects as it can be a difficult program to use that is easy to break and I struggle to understand it without direct instruction.


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