VR first impressions

Recently I have tried out VR in the new suite at the college. I didn’t get to play for long as a few people had been waiting to play after me. I played a game called The Lab by Valve.the Lab.jpg

The lab is a series of mini-games released for free for the HTC vive. I played an archery mini-game which involved waves of two dimensional people storming the gates of the castle that you have the responsibility of defending. When the enemies reach the gates they do damage and if the gate reaches zero health you get a game over. The mechanics of the game are simple, you start by selecting which hand you want to hold the bow in and in your other hand there will constantly be an arrow. You can start off by taking some practice shots at a target and you can start the game play by shooting the first enemy figure.

The game play itself holds up and is very fun however I notice it being inaccurate when enemies are closer to the tower that you stand on making it nearly impossible to hit them there.

Overall I enjoyed this first experience and would like to try again at a later date.


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