Three Point Lighting

I have used three point lighting on my spaceship. I did this to render the ship out as an Image that I could edit in Photoshop.

Three Point Lighting.png

I made three different light sources, each of which are different colors with slightly contradicting colors to them. I then rendered them out as images using the renderer built into maya which then gave me this PNG which I could use for Photoshop…


I then pulled this image into Photoshop and made a new layer that I could work on. I then made 3 trails for the ship using a gradient tool.Trail.PNG

This is what my final trail ended up looking like, I made this layer a multiply layer with a 85% opacity so that it can mix into the background more.

I then got a space image for my final edit.

SpaceShip Render.png

This is what it looks like when it is finished. I am quite proud of this final product as it looks quite nice and shows off the model quite well however if I were to make another model like this I would spend more time on research to try and make a more recognizable spaceship.


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