After successfully unwrapping my spaceship I opened the hypershader in maya and applied a checker Lambert to my spaceship. I used this to sort my uvs by making sure that the checks on the spaceship were approximately the same size with the same orientation. I then went to polygons- layout which organised my uvs into the viewing square without any of them overlapping each other. I then took a snapshot of the uvs at 2024 resolution and exported it as a PNG so I could make use of the alpha channel available on that file format. I have experimented with lamberts, Blinns and Phongs to attempt to get used different shaders and to see the importance of using different types for different areas on the model.

In the UV editor, when I had finished organizing the UV’s, I will go to Polygons – UV snapshot which gave me this menu…

UV snapshot.PNG

I set my image to be 2048×2048 resolution and I also made sure to make it a PNG image so that I could make use of the alpha channel and edit the background.

I then pulled the image into Photoshop and used textures and colors to edit it until I got this final product…


I like this as I have incorporated my favorite color scheme of black and red that makes it seem almost stealthy when applied to the ship.


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