Lighting and Rendering

Directional light:

Parallel sources of light that look as if they’re from far away.

Directional Light.png

Ambient Light:

A light that shines from a source in all directions from a source or towards a source.

Ambient Light.jpg

Point Light:

A point light shines evenly from a point like how ambient light does.

Point Light.jpg

Spot Light:

A light that emits in a cone and the user has the most control over it.

Spot Light.jpg

Area Light:

Area Light is a flat rectangular light source that behaves like an object.

Area Light.jpg

Volume Light:

A volume light is a light that acts as a 3d object, it defaults to a sphere.

Volume Light.png

Light Intensity:

This is the Strength of the Light from the Source.

Light Colour:

Light colour is the colour of the light when it hits an object.

Light Colour and Intensity.PNG

Light Linking:

Light linking is when you link a light on object so that it can only shine onto that object.

Light Linking.jpg

Cookies (light):

Make shadows from objects that don’t necessarily exist by shining a light through a texture. Mostly used for atmosphere as it makes very simple, static lights.


Three Point Lighting:

Three Point Lighting is when you use three light to create contrast by making different 2 of the lights regular and the last one is normally black.

Three point lighting.png

Depth Map Shadows:

The shadows that comes from a light.

Ray Traced Shadows:

Ray Traced Shadows can be used to make soft and transparent shadows. This is a type of shadow rendering that calculates the path of each individual ray of light from the source to the objective to create more realistic shadows. This rendered in real time.

Depth Map Shadows and Ray Traced Shadows.png

Maya Software Renderer:

The Maya Renderer is a renderer that supports various entity types like particles, geometry and paint effects. There is also a interactive photo realistic rendering.

Mental Ray Renderer:

A single application that works with Maya, 3ds Max and Softimage. Its industry standard.


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