Flash Game Progress

Today I worked on creating a collectible for the player to try and find throughout the game.


To create this object I started with an oval and started to indent into it and then I added details to it. In order to to most of the lines, I created empty circles and placed them over the pumpkin. The eyes, nose and mouths  are made up of lines. After I did this, I made it symmetrical then made the stem by drawing it freehand. I am quite proud of this and I might take this image and work on it more to create an asset I can use in the future.

Baby on a segway.PNG

This is what the game looks like with the player in it, I will likely use the player character in a game in the future as I like how that turned out and I think I could include it in a more appropriate project.

Blue Dot code.PNG

I added this code to the main scene to have a blue dot follow the player to act as a companion.
I like my progress with this game and will likely move on from this and reuse assets from this.


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