Unity walking simulator

In lesson recently I have been creating a walking simulator using the fps controller in unity.first room.PNG

You start in this room with only a key in it and some objects that don’t affect the game.key.PNG

The Key operates on this code and opens a door behind the player when clicked on.flashlight.PNG

There is also a flash light that is used throughout the game that can be turned on and off using the F key.

After completing the first room you are met with an identical one however when collecting the key in this room, the floor will disappear which if the player were to fall through would activate this code…

death code.PNG

…Which will reset the scene for the player to try again.Added room.PNG

After escaping  the first room you will be faced with this jumping puzzle and a series of doors, only 2 of these doors will actually open when clicked however the others won’t move at all.

I like how my game is going so far as it seems like a game that I would actually play if it were to be released so I am proud of my progress so far.


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