Robot Dog Design

I decided to draw a robot dog design in my own time. My main idea for this concept came when I was set the task of creating robot characters in class and I noticed that a lot of people had immediately went into creating somewhat humanoid characters so I had turned to drawing something different.mgr dog.png

The original concept came from the robot dogs in metal gear rising. I liked how the dogs in metal gear rising looked and I liked how the main weapon replaced the tail of the dog so I endeavored to create something with a similar style of weapon however I wanted it to look more peaceful and calm.


To do this I took inspiration from Pokemon’s Suicune. In particular I looked to how  the ribbons on Suicune fell and how they had a flow to them.
Robot dog.jpg

I initially drew this on paper and then I scanned it onto my computer and did the line work in Sai Paint Tool as it is the program that I am most comfortable using.


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