U.V unwrapping

Today I worked to unwrap my spaceship model to make it possible to place a texture over it. U.V unwrapping is a process that is used to make a 3D model into a 2D image so that a texture can be placed on it efficiently.


When I started unwrapping my U.V editor looked like this and if I had tried to place a texture on this then it would end up looking like a mess. The first thing I would do is select a few faces then move over to the U.V editor and hold shift and press right click then select planar map which would give me those sides separate on the U.V editor. I would then select all of the U.Vs on the separate shape and hold shift and right click and this time I selected unwrapping and it would give me a flat image of the selected area. I could repeat this for different areas and even merge edges to create an end product.

This is how far I have gotten with unwrapping my ship which leaves only  the engines towards the back of the ship left to unwrap which may take some time to do as they are made up of weird shapes.

I feel like I have unwrapped this well as I am yet to run into many problems with it yet however I struggled to do this and I think that there might have been a way for me to do this in less parts.


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