Model Refinement

Today in lesson I did small improvements on my spaceship model to try and make it seem a little bit smoother than it was originally.

I first looked at the model in the smooth view and I decided that it looked worse than the version that was made up of more polygons as it looks more like something you would see in a sci-fi creation.


When i started refining my model, I focused on the runners as they looked too square and I didn’t like that so I focused on getting those to a point where I was happy with them.

I was given the improvement of putting in some sort of exhaust on the back of the ship to give the ship a function.Improved thrusters.PNG

I used the hollow cylinder shape for this whilst being careful to keep symmetry on the ship. I decided to use three thrusters as I prefer how that looks  however this caused a problem by creating a lot of faces with more than four sides so I had to manually go in and connect different  vertices in order to make faces with either three or four sides.


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