Modular Halloween Scene

Today in lesson, I started to create a scene in Flash. I was doing a scene with a Halloween theme to it due to Halloween coming close. I took inspiration from one of my favorite films, Nightmare before Christmas as I love the feel of the town that it is set in and I wanted to create something with a similar feel to that.Shapes for halloween.PNG

I started off by creating basic shapes that I could use for putting the scene together as a group of shapes, I then made these shapes into symbols so that they can be re-used efficiently.


I organized  each of these symbols into a folder for organization purposes. This made it easier to select what I needed for the image bit by bit. When I needed to use any of these images I would drag and drop them  from the library and then transform the symbol to be more suitable for the image.


I kept everything on 2 layers so that it was easy to edit in case I needed to change or remove the background.

Scene for Halloween.PNG

I am quite proud of this final product as it gives the feel that I wanted to as you can tell by looking at it that it is a Halloween sort of area based in the dead of night. I took inspiration from Tim Burton as he is the best example I could think of for a town based around the premise of a constant Halloween theme.


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