3D models

Today in lesson, I started working on a 3D model using Maya. I intended to make a unique space ship. I think that I succeeded in doing this and I like how the final product turned out.
Ship front.PNG

To make most of the ship I used the extrude tool which allows me to add on to a face of a polygon. To make this ship I started with a cube and extruded it until I was happy with the shape I created. I then used the bevel tool for the front of the ship to create a cockpit shape for the ship. When I was happy with the shape I used a tool to mirror the model in the X axis. This made the ship symmetrical although I had to connect some parts as they didn’t line up properly.

ship back.PNG

After this, I started to work on landing struts for the ship which I also made using the extrude tool based of a cube and I think they worked out quite well. To improve on this in the future I should use the Boolean tool to cut shapes out of my model and add other shapes to it for the purpose of being able to add more detail to the image.


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