The first game

Over the past couple of weeks I have been using Adobe Animate to create a basic flash maze game and I set out to make it quite a difficult game to complete whilst also including a pun because I’m weird and I like puns.

You could say that I had a bit of experimentation with the game and this led to the symbols and images being full with weird and mostly unused crap as seen in the image below.


I tested a lot of different ideas related to difficulty in this and I became unorganized so if I were to make another game using this program in the future I would probables use folders and names to keep some organisation for my use as it would make it a lot easy to know what assets are used for the different levels of the game.

A-maze-ing.PNGlevel 1.PNG

The opening level of my game has the purpose of being a title page and doesn’t have much game-play to it however I used this opportunity to place a pun in the opening for the player to either enjoy or ultimately hate me for.

Level 2.PNG

My next level seems simple at first however it has the problem of being plagued with seemingly invisible walls, these walls become visible and then invisible again through time so this level challenges peoples memories.


This is a tween that I used to accomplish this, this tween allows the program to go between different states of the image making an animation within the game that created this effect, I like this as it adds a challenge to the players experience as instead of just navigating a maze, they are having their memories challenged to see if they can work their way through the maze which was my concept for the rest of the game.


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