Art work


Recently I have been working on drawing with one of my teachers. This page you see above was created when the concept of confident lines were introduced so that he could confirm that we could all understand the concept of how we should draw lines and which lines looked better in a drawing.


We then did a drawing from life in this case I have done a pair of sofas that have been arranged differently to how they would normally to try and use perspective. We were told to not shade the image and instead use harder lines to define which sides had shade on them which you can see in my drawing. I drew this using entirely confident lines so at points I had to go back over my lines which can be seen clearly on the image.

He then taught us a new method on how to draw characters…EPSON005.jpg

I used this method to make basic concepts for four characters. I like these characters as they are clear as to what they are meant to be and also look how they should however I need to practice with this method in order to improve my drawings in the future.


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