Flash Drawing

Today in my lesson I used flashed to make vector graphics which is a type of graphic that is mathematically worked out so it can manipulated infinitely without changing the quality of the image.

To start off, I made some basic images and manipulated them to create more complex shapes.


The Outcome of this is relatively positive as in the end I got the shapes that I had intended to get at the beginning. Then using this same technique I decided to create an image of myself using basic shapes to create a cartoon style which I think worked out well:

Me Drawing.png

I made this by using a majority the oval tool. I used the oval tool because a lot of features that can be made using only circular shapes. To begin, I made a base for the head by making a plain circle, to add on to this I added 2 equal sized circles for the eyes. Using hollow circles I added features to the eyes and used the bucket tool to fill in some color.I removed part of a circle and placed it on the side of the head to take the place of an ear. I then used ovals to make a basic mouth. Following this I used the straight line tool to make the hair whilst making edits on the lines to give them a slight curve and adding in extra lines for shading. I used websites online to find shading for my hair and face in hexadecimal and I put it into flash to use as my colors.

I feel like I was quite good at making this as the end product ended up looking quite good.


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