Today I made a presentation describing the early creation of ID software and showing how I admire them. id-software-research

I presented this  to a group of people who each would present their research on a chosen company that they find to be inspirational. When I presented it I found that I was quite nervous about doing it and I think this came across in my presentation as I found myself stumbling over my words a bit more than usual and I spoke faster than I normally would do in everyday conversation. My friend also pointed out that I had a notable stutter when I was presenting.

I think these problems could’ve been solved if I had practiced my presentation with my family a couple of times over or if I had looked at it more before presenting it as this would’ve increased my confidence in my presentation which would’ve led to me being able to present my research in a more calm manor however I do think I succeeded in researching ID software and showing interest in them.imgres.jpg


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